Scientific Dive Training and Safety Management

It’s often difficult to fit into our busy schedules, but so important to make time for safety training. CPR/First Aid training is typically required every 1 to 2 years. With frequent practice, this knowledge becomes second nature and skills become muscle memory. Eight years ago, we established a Rescue Diver training program which we offer every year similarly to CPR/First Aid training. Although it’s not required, we believe regular training helps to refresh old rescue skills while also learning new skills and procedures. When frequently practiced, skills become muscle memory and divers can more quickly and effectively respond to emergencies. Our scientific divers are often in remote locations where safety training and rescue skills are critically important. By incorporating scenarios into our skills training in which scientific divers and environmental professionals may encounter in the field, we can better prepare field scientists to manage potential field related risks and life threatening emergencies.

Pinnacle’s key personnel are experienced scientific divers and members of American Academy of Underwater Scientists (AAUS). Our dive safety and practices manual is based on AAUS scientific dive standards. Also, several of Pinnacle’s scientific dive team has been certified NOAA working divers.

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