Artificial Reefs

Pinnacle has developed an artificial reef design that is durable, simple fabrication, easily handled for transport and deployment. The reef modules can be produced onsite in most cases and are capable of being deployed on unconsolidated bottom (i.e., sand) with minimal concern for settling or movement due to storm surge or sediment transport. The reef modules can be fabricated with interlocking counterweighted bases. The reefs can also be attached to hardbottom substrate with a minimal foot print. The snorkel reefs are designed for multispecies colonization with ledges and holes that create interstitial space for multiple species and life stages of fishes and invertebrates. The reefs provide structural habitat that substitute, to varying degrees, the natural structure and ecological function of coral reef habitats. Most artificial reefs are constructed from construction waste, derelict vessels, or other debris. Although many of these structures may provide habitat structure for specific species, they fail to provide functional habitat for a naturally occurring ecologically healthy and diverse reef ecosystem. Pinnacle’s artificial reef designs provide the ecological habitat that promotes natural ecosystem diversity and is an aesthetically viable reef alternative that mimics natural reef structures. Snorkel reefs can be designed to specific criteria (i.e., topographic complexity, intended height of relief, targeting specific commercial/recreational species).