Environmental Management

Pinnacles’ experienced scientists and project managers are able to provide excellent project management and oversight services to our clients. Pinnacle focuses on environmental due diligence, feasibility and risk assessment studies to identify potential short and long term risks associated with port dredging and related coastal development. Pinnacle also investigates the potential environmental and economic impacts to important resources including corals, natural and artificial reefs, seagrass, and mangrove habitats. Additionally, Pinnacle provides reasonable, cost effective solutions for avoidance, minimizing, and/or mitigating irreversible environmental impacts that may affect water quality, fishing, tourism and resource health.

 Environmental Impact Assessment Reports
 Coral Recovery and Relocation Plans
 Monitoring and Mitigation Plans
 NEPA Environmental Review Management
 NPDES Permitting
Emergency Management and Risk Assessment
 Section 7 Consultation and Biological Opinion (ESA)
 Joint Environmental Resource Permits
 QA/QC – Field Sampling and Data Management
 Environmental Quality and Construction Oversight
 Environmental Policy Management and Compliance