Habitat Characterization and Mapping

Pinnacle characterized and mapped seagrass and hardbottom habitat in Lake Worth Lagoon in support of a pre-dredging permit. The objective of the benthic assessment and resource survey was to delineate and map benthic habitats throughout the entire survey area including seagrass and hardbottom habitats, to identify and quantify resources occurring in these habitats, and to collect stony coral size data. The benthic assessment survey identified benthic habitats and associated marine resources in vicinity of the proposed project which could be impacted by dredging and dredging related activities. Surveys were conducted from 13 June through 8 July 2016 with additional field surveys conducted from 1 through 13 September 2016. Florida Unified Mitigation Assessment Methodology (UMAM) Forms Part 1 (Qualitative Description) and Part 2 (Quantitative Description) were completed for each habitat type delineated during the assessment survey.